Business Software That’s Best for the Bottom Line

Many small business owners long for the day when they can write a check for anything they need.  No cutting corners, no taking the red-eye or making a 5-hour drive instead of a one-hour flight.  Those who are just starting out and have yet to hire their first employee can really feel pinched when they are in a growth spurt.  There’s enough business coming in for somethings, but not enough to justify others.  Fortunately, technology has come up with solution to a lot of these dilemmas.  One of the best is software from Deluxe for Business.  For over a century they have been in the business of helping you succeed at yours.  They are the leading provider of business checks and envelopes, e-mailable checks, payroll services, office supplies and much more.

Many travelers can’t afford an interruption to their business cycle and will forgo taking long trips unless they are good for the bottom-line.  But just as with advertising, it pays to travel.  You can meet new contacts and even secure new contracts while sitting on the plane or in the airport lounge.  And conferences are a gold mine for new business.   Now, with software from Deluxe for Business, you can confidently automate more aspects of your shop than ever before.  Writing checks to pay workers or invoices securely is one of the features of their new eCheck system that automates the check writing process.  It eliminates a step that can put your client at risk of being hacked by making payments through a secure portal that bypasses the banks routing system.  Your payee gets an email alerting them that a check is waiting for them, and how to retrieve it.  This eliminates the need to put personal info on the internet that is subject to theft.  The system runs so smoothly it’s like having a virtual assistant process accounts receivable and payable for you.

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