When to Buy Airline Tickets to Get the Cheapest Fare


For many cost conscious air travelers, who are anxious to get the best of value but not at ridiculous prices, then finding the cheapest airfare is paramount. However, finding cheap tickets don’t just come always, you have to book your flight at the right time and with the best source, usually direct from the airline website. This raises the question of “when is the best time to buy airline tickets at the cheapest rate?”. Frankly, there are no specific days for booking cheap flights but there are predictable moments that are advisable for persons seeking for cheap airline fares.

Cheapest days to travel

If you are looking for cheap airline tickets, don’t travel during the weekends and on Mondays. This is unconnected to the fact that many persons will. be looking forward to the weekends as time to visit families, leave for vacations or even travel for business that needed to be concluded on Monday. Using the weekdays, between Tuesdays and Fridays is ideal.

Some reports however state that the best time to book a cheap airline flights are on Tuesdays around 3pm, this is because most airlines have matched fare sales from competitors and adjusted their fares to competitive rates. See more.

Buying too early or too late

Buying airline tickets too early or too late, you may pay too much either way. Some persons prefer to buy their airline tickets too early when the rates are low and the rush is not much. This allows them with a lot of options on the time of departure and seat. It can also prove to be cost effective if later, the airline fares go up. Also, it can be of very great disadvantage when the prices go south later. Others are comfortable with buying their tickets at the last minute, although this plan is largely undividable if your travel plan is not flexible, it may prove to be worthwhile if you meet an airline needing to fill a few seats or running a promo. This may backfire if all the airline spaces are booked.

Seasonal fluctuations

Airline fares are greatly influenced by demand for a given flight schedule and by how many seats an airline has left on any given flight, there are hardly any seats reserved during festive seasons and holidays. When planning on booking flights during the festive or holiday seasons, it is very wise that you book your flight very much ahead to avoid the rush that comes with the last minute.


To get the cheapest airline fares, booking a flight at the right time is very paramount.  Being alert to spot airline fare discounts and closely following flight fares history, will be very helpful in getting good flight deals. Checking the airline websites on Tuesday afternoons after the airlines have matched fare sales and adjusted their fares, also avoiding air travels during very busy days like weekends is very key in getting cheap airfare deals. Check out this site: https://www.flightnetwork.com/blog/top-20-film-festivals-north-america/

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